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Kalendář: 2020-10-17 00:00
Datum konání:
17-říjen-2020 10:00
17-říjen-2020 19:00
Typ akce: Konference
Pro koho: Všichni učitelé
Na téma: Teaching Teenagers: “If Being a Teenager is Hard, Teaching Them is Harder?“
Kde: ILC International House Brno, Sukova 2, Brno

Společnost Pearson Ventures Books si Vás dovolují pozvat na konferenci pro učitele anglického jazyka pod názvem 2020 Celebration Conference. Konference se bude konat 17. října v prostorách ILC International House Brno, Sukova 2, Brno.

Judita Tóthová

Judita Tóthová

Judita studied at the Faculty of Education in Nitra English language and Geography. During her nearly 30 years of practice, she worked as a teacher in primary, secondary and language schools and as a lecturer of corporate language courses as well. She also collaborated with the National Institute for Education on English language teacher training courses. She works as an ELT consultant for Slovak Ventures company.

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